Economy is added fast put delay to affect building city

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Change according to national hair appoint concerned report says, increase rate of economy of our country second half of the year is about this year between 9%-9.5% , and annual economy increase rate is in about 9.8% . Next year, can continue to drop to 9% the left and right sides; The year after next, will drop again to about 8% . Did not come two years namely, of our country macroscopical economy add fast will put delay apparently.
Here general trends setting falls and global economy ebbs because of also be appeared by American economy be a burden on below fatigued and weak double action, shanghai building city can be affected apparently inevitably. For, need two respects to be able to appear bigger shrink quantity, and enter a longer adjustment period.
Index of go ahead of the rest falls continuously macroscopical economy begins to drop in temperature
The relevant index that the macroscopical economy that publishs according to national statistic bureau runs shows, this year since April, index of go ahead of the rest already appeared to drop of 4 months what never had had since epicycle economy is periodic continuously continuously, and drop extent month by month increases by degrees. This year 4-7 month, of index of go ahead of the rest fall it is respectively 0.29, 0.35, 0.42, 0.67 bits.
Index of go ahead of the rest falls increase, the macroscopical economy that shows our country already began the trend that appears to drop in temperature gradually. Face this one situation, administration already will former prevent the overheat, " that prevents inflation double defend " target, made a few adjust, protect " growth " to serve as the key of macroscopical adjusting control, adopt have retain pressure, distinguish treatment policy, in order to ensure stable development of economy.
And come for years, regard pillar as industrial real estate all the time, do not protect the range of " this in " however. What should protect above all is the number in bank and manufacturing industry with 1 million plan medium and small businesses, tendercy of this one policy, be worth us to pay close attention to. Because, this will affect prospective just a little directly year the development of our country real estate, also can affect Shanghai building city of course.
New dish of market again and again atrophy clinchs a deal all valence still tall look forward to
Since this year, shanghai is new dish of market from beginning to end the person is enraged not flourishing, clinch a deal low fan, especially 7-8 month is more apparent and atrophic. Daily new of dish of commodity house clinch a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera already many 700 from last year - many 800 / day, drop reach many 300 of this year - many 400 / day, shrink almost quantity half.
However, clinching a deal when the quantity glides considerably, new of dish of commodity house clinch a deal all valence however still strong tall look forward to. Anew dish commodity house 4 annulus of 5 areas in those days accumulative total clinchs a deal all of valence compared to the same period in light of data, already appeared apparent quantity shrinks the appearance that price rises. Up to by last year August, shanghai is new of dish of commodity house in those days accumulative total clinchs a deal all valence, 4 annulus 5 areas by inside and outside it is respectively, eighteen thousand five hundred and forty-two yuan / square metre, twelve thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven yuan / square metre, 8814 yuan / square metre, 6966 yuan / square metre, 4523 yuan / square metre. Be apart a year, up to by this year August in those days accumulative total clinchs a deal all valence is twenty-four thousand and eighty-four yuan respectively / square metre, nineteen thousand two hundred and forty yuan / square metre, ten thousand eight hundred and eighty-two yuan / square metre, 7856 yuan / square metre, 5125 yuan / square metre. Namely the Shanghai with 1-8 aggregate this year month is new dish of commodity house 4 annulus of 5 areas clinch a deal all price already rose respectively compared to the same period 29.89% , 48.72% , 23.46% , 12.78% , 12.31% . In those days accumulative total clinchs a deal all price appeared to go up so unexpectedly compared to the same period, solid belong to breathtaking. And, this is to clinching a deal what appear below the circumstance that the volume drops considerably is big go up.
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