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What compare residential market is insipid, close market of paragraph of sale of time office building is very hot, heat begins so that let a person feel almost to bit of hair is ironed. August before office building market 10 strong the sale outstanding achievement that realizes 301 in all, afterwards after the 286 sales climax July, lift a sale heat wave that cannot keep out again.

With before a few period the scene of be far ahead of the champion in pop chart, be the champion is different, this period Pan Junxian of building of a list of names posted up on office building must have a place " inside collect " , the market appears piece " blossom everywhere " posture. There is money river new city in sheet of a list of names posted up enlighten triumphant international center and edifice of 10 thousand silver, have explain flower board piece edifice of heart Tai Yufeng, have sand board piece Fu Leide square, the center of Hangzhou international business affairs that still has downtown is waited a moment. As a few burgeoning board piece general capacity is new dish roll out and old the city zone is mature board piece a few end dish push to the market, market of whole office building begins to present the weather that gives flourishing. The abidance of residential market is low fan, the spare cash of people happens to coincide the ground emerges to office building market, look office building heat still must last for some time again.

This period what be worth to expend bit of printing ink more particularly is on August 26 just the office building of open quotation edifice of peak of De Tai drive. This dishes are located in Ruan Jiacun of arch villa Ou Xiangfu, to the south of abundant pool road, spend city face each other with 10 thousand, with the city Xi Yintai is adjacent, total floor area 23961 square metre, subterranean car 301. As a result of the increases the price primely relatively rationality of situation, this dishes of office building that roll out sells quite hotly, after open quotation August 6 days short make work namely in time order many 100, caused in the market not small shake.

August go up half moon, business spread the market to be immersed in the trough of the sale, before half month 10 strong always 28 sale success let people feel apparent cold current. After half month, the business of Hangzhou extends the market and did not appear of how many change, second half before the month 10 strong in all 23 sale success, let feeling of people a bit be less than head on " Chun Nuanhua leaves " picture. The business that looks the closest spreads the market or deep-set jail, encounter hard eventually " emancipator " ah.

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