Central Bank double rate publishs scale of be expected to fall of city of a week

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The Central Bank " double rate " reduce policy to publish a week, but estate market still is behaved low fan. Relevant survey data shows, take situation hold to prospective house price " be expected to fall " the person be visited of the viewpoint, occupy than be as high as 74% ; And think " can go up " client, occupy only 20% . The abidance of wait-and-see mood diffuses, make " Jin Jiuyin 10 " secondhand building city trend is unidentified. In the market atrophic circumstance falls, each intermediary spreads out in succession " save oneself " measure.

Even more 7 into the client pessimistic still

The Central Bank announces 15 days " double rate " a week after reducing, the market reacts as before insipid. Department of research of market of beautiful couplet property is newest the statistical data that publish shows, with the client is general last year " bullish not be expected to fall " state of mind is different, the client that thinks prospective house price drops is occupied than achieving 74% , hold among them " small drop " the person be visited of the viewpoint is occupied 62% , and the person be visited of 12% thinks to meet " drop greatly " . Forecast " can go up " the client is occupied only 20% , the person be visited of 6% shows the rest " keep balance " .

This investigation still shows, improvement hold great majority as before with the crowd amount that buys a house first, but only the client of 3% thinks uptodate house price accords with psychological price. On timeline of the plan that buy a house, lv of 46% unified exams buys a house inside a year; Choice " arrive one year 3 years inside " the number that buys a house is occupied 37% , and can be in 3 to what the house buys inside 5 years, occupy 17% .

Secondhand building city lasts low fan

From this year since May, secondhand of room market low confuse posture to pervade to come and last in each district up to now. The data that occupies reporter control shows, with compared July, beijing is secondhand in August the room trades measured annulus comparing to drop 18.8% ; Clinch a deal all valence annulus is compared drop for 2.7% ; Shanghai is secondhand room market continued to behave the price that it is a quantity August double fall, assembly makes amount ring than dropping 14.01% , and assembly handed in an area to decrease 3.15% .

Data of Beijing Wei Jia Anjie statistic shows, loan is standard after interest rate is reduced, beijing estate borrow money market to did not appear bigger change, from loan the purchasing power that buy a house looks, did not appear likewise bigger go up. This shows, secondhand room market pays close attention to greatly too to ending the signal of administrative plan was not shown. "Longer to loan fixed number of year house property lend borrower for, the extent that after loan interest rate is adjusted, drops is not very big. " Yan Lijuan expresses Wei Jia Anjie.
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