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From November 1 onwards, the city of Nanjing will be formally launched within the "wrong time stop" measures. It is understood that the "wrong time stop" measures, in Xuanwu District, based on successful implementation of the pilot, then, the city of the region Large parking lot will be the harmonization of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, the formal implementation of parking "wrong time." Will be part of the office building parking spaces for staff parking during the day and night will be vacant parking spaces, a certain amount Fee, open to the public. Nanjing people parking there are 830,000 "gap" Nanjing, the data provided by the traffic control department, as of mid-October, Nanjing's total 1.18 million vehicles, of which total 775,000 cars. According to reports, the existing parking Nanjing total of 17 million, "international standard configuration for the parking and vehicle parking ratio of 1.3:1," traffic control source, then the configuration for the 775,000 vehicles the number of parking spaces should be When 100 million or so, parking shortfall of 83 million, especially the old city, old residential buildings built with the number of serious shortage of parking spaces, parking supply and demand is very conspicuous. " From 2008 onwards, the traffic control department is aware of Nanjing, a growing gap in the berths, from that year onwards, started on both sides of the road conditions, set the parking spaces, 2009, Nanjing Road, the 12,000 new parking Berth, as of October this year, but also added 3100. "Not only additional parking spaces, but also optimize the management model", the person, the new increased limit, the limit points and limit the car, "three restrictions management" model, but 830,000 of the "gap" too big " Today Is stretched, and then add, can not catch up the growth rate new car. " "Wrong time" has been a pilot implementation of the city next month I know that some schools in Nanjing have been spontaneously "twinning" wrong, it will be idle evening parking, playground, parking available to the surrounding residents, but as a competent party to stop implementation of the "wrong time" is the first Once. Beginning this year, beginning in the Xuanwu District of Nanjing Public Security Bureau pilot. It is understood that police station is located in Huaqiao Lu-prone area of Science and Technology Building is located in Xin Jie Kou, convenient transportation. After the public security sector through consultation, building management Side in the case of parking spaces is relatively free, spend part of the community open spaces, according to the way a small amount of monthly billing charges. "Effect is obvious," insiders, "wrong time stop" to relieve pressure on the surrounding parking, In return, Huaqiao Lu station part of the security police also bear part of the duties of traffic police on traffic around the building prone, the order for effective management. In order to alleviate the growing parking pressures, Nanjing date from the 1st of next month to begin the implementation of such a citywide parking mode, "is expected to effectively alleviate the 3-4 percent of the parking pressures." It is understood that the Nanjing "wrong time stop" Once effect is obvious, is also expected to promote in Jiangsu Province. "Parking" can be divided into black and white classes Nanjing Authority to pay an expert, his impression, first put forward the "wrong time stop" concept for the European cities, "because they generally more car ownership, parking problems are conspicuous, has put forward a" wrong time Parking "concept. "This is the core concept of the cross on the use of time to ease the pressure of space", the experts cite a simple example, "such as a hospital next to a residential area, hospital parking spaces during the day to eat Tight or full, and residential areas in the evening there is parking difficult. " "Wrong time stop" is the use of "time gap" in the morning, the residential parking idle, the hospital side to reach an agreement with residential areas, will not stop the vehicle stops lead to the district. Similarly, in the night , The hospital began to free parking spaces for residential vehicles to achieve win-win situation.
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