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Meet in the chat house comparable to the British people to meet about the weather of the moment, the debate on the Price Change the repeated occurrence of the three seems to have been a bit boring. 9,10 month for real estate since the "secondary adjustment" to, the nation's major cities as a whole more than ten consecutive trading volume decline, although the volume decline trend of the third week in November have rebounded, but analysts in the market eyes, the volume of "double dip" trend has not changed. As local governments have introduced regulatory policy, for the demand, supply, financial and other policies and there is no end in sight after another, price trends, industry outlook, like a pair of intricate puzzles, puzzle eyes of many people, some intention to buy a house for investment or asset preservation needs are limited. How to fight wars to defend their wealth, are all of concern. Recently, the investment bank's investment that will be in the "Su River 1," reception held by the Centre, has attracted hundreds of investors, and the interest shown, Zhang said "the government introduced the policy after a row, containment room price increases, especially for the two suites, three suites, suites and more off-site real estate policy, effectively curb speculative investment in the housing market situation, but busy I have to find a way out of funds, in this case, like ' Su River 1 'This robust office market is a good choice. "briefings that day only to have been recently identified 13 groups of customers to buy" Su River 1 ", and 4 sets of transactions immediately. Be submitted to the "Su River 1" to make a lot of wealth wise man saw an opportunity, everyone, "Su River No. 1" concern about increasing investment. On the one hand is the economic level, high inflation expectations, while the purchase of real estate market that have constrained policy threshold to keep out of hot money capital, but investors have found that carefully, "restriction order" only for residential products, commercial real estate and office space but there is no "restriction" of the ban. There are indications that the recent commercial real estate in Shanghai, office turnover has not only affected by the policy control contraction, but a larger proportion of the increase. Savvy investors have naturally had an account: Traditional residential investment, the current policy environment has apparently blocked in the future value-added profitability. In office buildings, commercial real estate field, but not in this policy is regulated, showing that the government offices on the market, the overall commercial real estate valuation is recognized. In addition, up from the rental yield calculation, apartment product 2 to 3% of the rental rate of return has been far less favorable than the office about 8% rate of return, therefore, the investment value of office buildings to gain market favor of the investing public also reasonable. Then the investment office, how should we judge the relevant investment value? Investment in an office network survey, more than half of respondents believe that investment office first to see lots and lots of choice is the development potential of the main factors, followed by the developer of the brand, office hardware, post property services. If a lot is just on the impact of residential life, convenience, then for office, it means that the value of business! Lot value is the biggest factor in the value of office space. Cities have a lot of resources, such as transportation resources, municipal facilities, the regional economic structure, resources and other elements of the landscape structure and intensity of the primary office determined criteria. For example, "Su River on the 1st" 5A Grade A office project, ranked in prime locations within the inner ring Shanghai, Hang Fung Gold Commerce Boulevard leading throne. It is worth mentioning that, Hengfeng Road, is planning to fight the headquarters of the economy, BPO industry, Shanghai Office service as the core of the industry cluster. InterContinental flagship store, Shangri-La, Marriott Hotel, etc. have entered the five-star hotel, the Great Wall Hotel, the Days Hotel, Cheung four-star hotel in this gathering. Gold mine buildings, Henderson 130, Henderson 147, Su River 1, Kerry Everbright City 3, Enterprise Square and other high office is also here where they stand, in the near future, Hengfeng Road, Commerce Boulevard will become the gold Following Mei Taiheng, the center of the second business cluster, the momentum of the future development of limitless, which gave promising "Su River 1" promising investors a reassuring them. East of Shanghai South Railway Station Square, west of Suzhou River, the natural water system, "Su River on the 1st" 5A Grade A office project, surrounding a rail line cross 1,3,4, urban elevated, high-speed rail, long-distance passenger transport, 60 bus bus bus yacht marina on the Suzhou River (planning) together constitute the urban transportation network, the appreciation potential, high return on investment. Invited world-class gold medal in the property management company First Pacific Davies consultants for the owners launched the "housekeeping" custom service, providing 24-hour international quality of service, not only to secure the "Su River 1" high-end status more stable high market rents and laid a solid investment foundation. Shanda will soon be completed "existing homes effect" letting "the Soviet Union Creek No. 1" investment value of more apparent, "Ready to use, buy or rent the" real point to stimulate the interests of investors more discerning bargain Jiancang , the layout of the future! Currently, high-quality office projects in the depressed property market to be performing a unique beautiful landscape.
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