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Some people say I look very "windmill", some people say my style is very "Cube." It is only their view, this is not important, I'm me - and Hong; Beijing pixels, located in the CBD East, Chaoyang North Road, out of the subway line 6 is. But the most important thing is, there is Beijing's unique creative space, of different sizes. Ah, basically it is. North East Chaoyang CBD Media eastward expansion of cultural and creative corridor After the eastward expansion as a major CBD areas, and is located in Chaoyang North Road along, it is "two axis, two with a multi-center," Beijing city planning in the key meeting point for shaft construction, with CCTV, BTV was moved eastward, here has become cultural and creative industries from the front line of the beach city hot spot. Currently the region has gathered thousands of cultural and creative businesses. Relying on Communication University of China Beijing International Studies University and R & D and personnel training of technical advantages, combined with most of the world's leading media company focused on the CBD, and CBD birth here as to form a good complementary industrial chain, into a new cultural and creative media corridor, more development of the region will bring inestimable potential. Of course, can be seen from the front of the recent positive, with the Metro line through VI will be straight to the hinterland of CBD, relying on efforts to develop the speed, this will become the preferred CBD pioneer elite enclave. Everything advertised in this age of personality, in fact, just be true to yourself. Follow the true axis of original land, 21 buildings surrounded by like a windmill shape arrangement of rotary distribution, to ensure user privacy and adequate sunshine. Combination of landscape architecture at the same time, the overall layout showing a "windmill spin" the unique landscape. Bionic Bump Cube Construction Mei Dong single architectural style draws inspiration from the nature of the cellular image, building a long wall to the elevation of a number of concave and convex form, seeks to simulate the natural world through the common and familiar biomorphic body to create the building close to nature. Facade changes color level changes with the architectural form complement each other, through the construction of the turning point, bump, body mass addition and subtraction interludes, effective solution to the building facade of dull. Also like the Rubik's cube style facade, adding the entire project a unique fashion, dynamic temperament. In the design of high-rise buildings in order to avoid too close to the spacing of oppression caused by the body specifically to the ends of buildings scattered to form the unique shape of the level of the ups and downs in order to reduce pressure, and act as a guide to the natural flow of people into the role, but because formed by scattered high and low terrace, the facade is much richer personality. EDAW EDAW American writer, greening rate of 40% high technology built on the full sense of the fashion landscape; based on "integrated circuit board" concept layout. Overlooking the garden, four seasons of the natural landscape theme of integration of a variety of leisure space, showing unprecedented "integrated circuit board" image, ultra-modern aesthetic picture immediately jumped into the eyes. Core particular set WIFI garden centers and adult play wide, tailored to the climbing wall, adult slides, swings, outdoor cinema and other recreational facilities, provide the owners with an excellent social venue. Meanwhile, outside the core area of the landscape enclosed by a 7 theme leisure space, available for owners of basketball, tennis, table tennis, snooker, barbecue, arts demonstration, feel the beach fun and other entertainment activities. Let alone walk the street garden, underground parking and full-bridge three-dimensional air traffic. Among them, the air bridge to Metro Shopping Mall as a starting point, diagonal park, unique, not only a shortcut to and from the park, is a landmark in the landscape.
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