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Price of house of the Guangzhou after the Olympic Games or continue to drop

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Close rich brilliant statistical data shows, the 7 ~ during the Olympic Games August, the goods that Guangzhou whole town rolls out measures nearly 40 thousand. Basis before convention, 7, what was building city originally August is off-season, more wait-and-see nowadays mood not disappear, how will be the money amount that rolls out so much digested? Plus the Olympic Games that began August, have predict to say building city will appear " black August " .

Building of town of near future Guangzhou dish sales promotion method is multifarious, explode everywhere piece " super- support price " . Low dish the spot, ambuscade toward contact have other building dish those who draw a customer " lie bottom " . Tomorrow Olympic Games kicks off, the expert is forecasted, guangzhou building city can be in during the Olympic Games smooth relay add is wait-and-see, price of the house after the Olympic Games can continue to drop.

Whether can you appear " black in August " ?

Add up to Li Wenjiang of rich brilliant and chief analyst to think, the near future develops business to play sale card greatly, because develop business to consider steam again fund,this basically is. Because finish the task not to manage first half of the year,think, must adopt all sorts of methods to pull for annual plan tall clinch a deal quantity. But he thinks, this year Feburary because of all sorts of elements, develop business " report " had achieved a nadir two hundred and thirty-one thousand two hundred, august should not poorer. And Guangzhou basically watchs an Olympic Games through TV, not big to seeing the daily activity such as the building should be affected.

Zhongshan college town and Wei Qingquan of professor of area research center express, everybody's attention is not during the Olympic Games on building city, because the Olympic Games prices of this building city should be,continue to maintain smooth, but wait-and-see mood still also will continue. Place produces Huang Tao to think in, of the Olympic Games hold may make clinch a deal the quantity starts historical the corresponding period new low, the person that predicts to see a room buy a house can decrease.

Price of the house after the Olympic Games predicts to be able to continue to fall

As we have learned, at present wait-and-see is the person that live oneself more, tall to the susceptibility of house price case. The person that buy a house definitely Mr Liu saw not little building dish, he thinks, at present investment objective already was exited for the most part, continue no longer average new house property. Can prop up afresh case clinch a deal of the quantity only first the rigid demand that buy course of study, improvement stays in oneself, price of house of need of this share requirement depreciates can susceptive degree, ability can consider city truly, last otherwise wait-and-see.
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