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Price of house of Beijing building town adjusts a trend gradually bright

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Since this year, beijing building city falls " freezing point " the improvement that sale a bit does not have get warm again after a cold spell, and house price annulus compares a callback already also was open secret. Although at present whole of Beijing commodity house is sold all valence still is in " exalted dish whole " , and Beijing hair changes appoint also appear personally deny " Beijing house price already fell 10% to 15% " . Nevertheless normally, if clinch a deal,the quantity lasts low confuse 6 months above, inside the industry appear probably apparent price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality is whole, only price reason is returned to, ability releases actual demand, maintain the stability of the industry and development.

Accept the expert inside the industry that cover to think, in constrictive monetary environment, asset value be issued to lower levels is hasten of general trends place; "Olympic Games " profit exceeds well, also let Beijing house price be in short-term inside continue to rise lack is strong prop up. At present of Beijing building city " sluggish goes up " situation not can abiding, the trend that house price adjusts is clear with each passing day already.

Special offer room " dimensions appears "

The Xiaoyang that in Beijing company of a fund worked two years tells a reporter, because think this year the end of the year or next year the beginning of the year buy a house, accordingly he saw the building inside many 5 annulus recently dish. He discovers, besides send a car so, send property cost substandard, a lot of projects are rolled out again and again " special offer room " , lowermost discount had been defeated 7 fold, but he thinks to still have drop space, because this is not eager to skill.

In July the middle ten days of a month, be located in east the clothbound project on 4 annulus edge " accrete olive season " , will original every square metre 19000 yuan price, reduce 6000 yuan directly; Hit " 19 banquet exceed small auction house finally " ad slogan.

Subsequently, be located in sunny area 100 child the gold of the bay Hangzhou rolled out room of more than 10 special offer, sale price 17500 yuan from before / square metre falls 15000 yuan / square metre left and right sides. Meanwhile, apartment also rolled out the Debofeite that is located in clouds cloud road to count a special offer house, sale price compares this extent all price became low nearly 5000 yuan / square metre.

Inside the city zone, many development business also begin to play the card of special offer room in succession, with period open sale phase. Be located in business of Chong Wen door to encircle garden of the Guo Ruicheng around, riches and honour two old multi-purpose building dish, hold together " summer overflow great gift is wrapped " sales promotion activity, rolled out lowermost discount 7 fold the favourable measure such as room of the following special offer of set limit to, this also is breakthrough of discount of lowest of capital head home 7 fold in carry out building dish. Among them, the special offer room that is located in a layer still is given 30 to the 60 large spaces of smooth rice illicit home is exclusive garden.
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