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Beijing building city sells polarization a person of extraordinary powers curtil

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City of building of Beijing of month of the 1-7 before the Olympic Games sells polarization, a person of extraordinary powers curtilage with low dish the market that prop up

In August of the Olympic Games hold, to Beijing building city, it is a watershed, since the Olympic Games since application success, till July 2008 before, the building city of Beijing is affected well by Olympic Games benefit, had walked along a blazing " before Olympic Games " period; The Beijing building city after August will be entered " hind Olympic Games " period.

The shunt that 1-7 month is Beijing building city this year period, also be Beijing " city of Olympic Games building " " last bus " , sum up the market performance of this paragraph of period, the building city of transition period presents clear polarization trend: A person of extraordinary powers is sold curtilage value, in low price, all the building that valence controls 10 thousand yuan dish the sale presents the more powerful force that prop up. To development business, the house with be built finer is smaller perhaps the house of the price, become henceforth the choice of the market; And errant to those dozens idea is the person buying a house of where buy course of study, 1-7 month sale values board piece with the building dish, should first consideration.

Half an year comes a person of extraordinary powers northeast is gotten curtilage run

Wei Fengjun is Beijing famous a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the chief inspector of sale of China north division of bay of the Milky Way, it is low that to the market level this year she hears most opinion fan, but the feeling that bay of the Milky Way gives her is not quite same however, the sale of this project approachs 1-7 month this year 800 million yuan, although this data and 1.1 billion yuan of photographs of the corresponding period were compared last year, appeared to drop, but the influence basically comes from company interior, the price of bay of the Milky Way is mixed this year door model the area is adjusted somewhat, the target suffers numerous more high end, sale plan runs delay is in anticipation.

As congeneric as bay of the Milky Way a person of extraordinary powers curtilage partial building dish the sale before the Olympic Games also was obtained not the outstanding achievement of common, be like Pan Gu grand sight, country residence of Beijing of international of sea of abstruse village, extensive, SOHO, they distributing to be mixed at area of Beijing Olympic Games, sunny park area group of trade of Yan Sha of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, all show stronger abidance to sell capacity.

And distributing from area in light of, these buildings dish main distributinging Yu Chaoyang area, what center relatively in high-end project is suitable justice area, hill of billows of Yan of dragon lake · and dragon bay · and courtyard also obtained better sale outstanding achievement.
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