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Seminar of Olympic Games economy says Beijing house price still can rise

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Economy of the Beijing after new hot name a person for a particular job leads an Olympic Games grows

Chen Jian of executive chairman of seminar of economy of Beijing Olympic Games is in 21 days " Beijing Olympic Games and Beijing economy " express on the press conference, beijing still has a lot of new investment heat after the Olympic Games, can continue to lead economy growth.

Beijing forms new industry situation

"After the Olympic Games, beijing economy won't produce bigger wave motion, because Beijing has new investment heat. " Chen Jian says.

Chen Jian expresses, beijing already formed high-tech industry, finance and productivity service line of business, society to serve industry of originality of course of study, culture at present the industrial situation that 4 class drive. Rate of growth of culture originality industry is achieved first half of the year this year 23% .

Chen Jian expresses, beijing from make preparations risk of the Olympic Games after the Olympic Games undertakes reducing conciously at the beginning. After the Olympic Games ends, because of the Olympic Games promotion to urban consequence, the positive effect of relevant industry still can last, tourism, meeting exhibits industry, sports industry of recreational industry, telegraphic course of study, banking can get developing quickly continuously.

In addition, beijing throws strength to go up to still will maintain higher level in urban infrastructure. Beijing will return the orbit traffic investment that can increase 50 kilometers every year a few years probably henceforth, arrive to be able to reach the level of 561 kilometers 2015.

The meeting after house price is adjusted continues to stride

Chen Jian expresses, suffer economy to develop level and decision of supply demand relations, after the Olympic Games, beijing house price passes proper time adjust, still can continue to stride forth.

He expresses, as economic development, beijing per capita arrives from the 3000 much dollars 2001 the 8000 dollars this year, had promote substantially. Get addition in income outside, one year Beijing was added completely last year 520 thousand often live population, and the room source of Beijing is supplied relatively finite.

Chen Jian expresses, beijing has huge building demand during the Olympic Games makes preparations, 7 years, beijing is added completely often live population 2.1 million the left and right sides, the Olympic Games has definite correlation with house price, because the Olympic Games is great,promoted Beijing city infrastructure the standard, have to house price boost an import actively apparently.

Chen Jian thinks, beijing house price had certain bubble to 2007 2005, from last year the end of the year is entered first half of the year to this year adjust level relatively, still have after the Olympic Games adjust.
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