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Index of boom of Shenzhen building city arrives 4 years head drop

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The building city that passed nearly one year of time is adjusted, the purchasing power index of Shenzhen building city, entrepreneur confidence index, consumer confidence index appeared to drop considerably. Yesterday, natural resources of Shenzhen city land and house property management board released " 2008 Shenzhen estate runs an index integratedly to report first half of the year " , 2008 the consumer confidence index first half of the year and photograph comparing dropped 2007 50.5% .

The demand that buy a house may continue to reduce

This index reports by research center of Shenzhen city estate the work out is finished. The integrated boom index of Shenzhen estate market was first half of the year 2008 1979.7, dropped than 2007 3.9% . This is since 2005 Shenzhen estate market is integrated of boom index drop first. This explains, as estate market the dense of wait-and-see mood, estate market trades the quantity got affect, the market returns to reason stage by stage.

Enter in Shenzhen building city low in confused process, consumer confidence index, entrepreneur confidence index appeared to drop considerably. Can see from inside the chart of consumer confidence index, with deciding consumer confidence index really 1999 1000 for base, 2007 this exponential criterion by 2006 1249 dropped 1054, and arrived 2008 first half of the year, fall further came 522, fall panel height is amounted to 50.5% .

Consumer confidence index is research center of Shenzhen city estate use opportunity of Fair of estate of spring, autumn every year, undertake those who make questionnaire is investigated to a large number of citizens. The analysis in the report, this year first half of the year the pelter of this one index, mirrorred adjusting control policy to produce very big effect to consumer confidence, the demand that buy a house may continue to reduce.

Dweller housing purchasing power 8 years since lowest

Exposure is returned in the report, the index of housing purchasing power of Shenzhen dweller is in 1999-2004 year show ascendant trend all the time, had 2005 relatively substantially drop, begin to pick up to 2006, with keep balance basically 2003. Although rate of income level growth is relatively stable 2007, but as a result of 2007 commodity house all of valence rise considerably, index of purchasing power of town dweller housing appeared bigger apparent fall, for the nadir since 2000, dropped than 2006 18.13% .

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