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Announcement of outstanding achievement of metaphase of ground of China embellis

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Recently day dragon 8, ground of China embellish buy (announcement of 01109.HK) metaphase outstanding achievement, obtain partner to should take excessive advantage 829 million HK dollar, relatively the corresponding period grew 44.3% 2007, every gain 0.2056 HK dollar, company group metaphase ceases 0.034 HK dollar.

Announcement says, up to by this year August, the company adds land newly to lay in 4.29 million square metre, your land reserve is added to twenty-one million nine hundred and thirty-eight thousand square metre, the earth that presses ground of buy of Hua Run of computation of rights and interests store for 20.8 million square metre.

The earth's surface of China embellish buy shows Goodfeel, prospective company will continue to stand fast the principle with cash healthy shedding, increase land reserve moderately.

As we have learned, by this year May, carry open market, ground of China embellish buy obtains Fuzhou with 1.8 billion yuan two plot, cover an area of 540 mus. In June, ground of China embellish buy expresses, obtain a parent company to note endowment 6 landed projects and furniture business, involve total cost 9.212 billion HK dollar, part with cash 197 million HK dollar, reach issue 676 million to pay, every evaluate 13.34 HK dollar. Network of it is reported exceeds female, this asset infuse will make the land reserve of ground of China embellish buy increases about 4.15 million square metre. According to estimation of the personage inside course of study, the land of ground of China embellish buy lays in money worth to already exceeded 40 billion yuan.

As we have learned, the group of parent company Hua Run of ground of China embellish buy appears the item that hold amounts to 4 million square metre 7 times, reckon market prise makes an appointment with 2.1 billion yuan, predict will in succession infuse.

Wang Yin of president of land of China embellish buy discloses external, the land cost that beard capture pays this year pursues for 6 billion yuan of RMB a the world, among them 3.4 billion yuan of RMBs must pay at capture of second half of the year. But he emphasizes, the company does not have capital pressure.

Silver-colored international releases a report to think in, ground of Hua Run buy is up to indebted rate of the capital end June 2008 66.3% , but as a result of July asset infuse, make its asset indebted rate drops to 48.4% . Its reason depends on, up to by July, ground of China embellish buy already was locked up calm but accrual of enter an item in an account makes an appointment with 7.2 billion yuan, in the center 6.1 billion yuan come from accrual of carry out building, about 1.1 billion yuan come from vessel of deer of investment property income to write down, relatively compared to the same period many yuan 50 have apparent growth.

As we have learned, the beginning of the year comes on September 10, ground of China embellish buy already realized agreement to sell amount 4.7 billion yuan, rise compared to the same period 54.6% , 64% of amount of enter an item in an account of the end that finish. Company second half of the year will have 11 new dish open carry out, by reached 5 to already opened carry out on September 10 July new dish, be located in Dalian, Hangzhou, Ning Bo and Hefei respectively, realize agreement amount to amount to 3 billion yuan in all.
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