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" Beijing is referenced " announce 2008 Beijing landed financial condition 60 st

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Poll through the reader and listen to expert opinion, the list of 60 strong companies in selection activity of 20 strong businesses had given 2008 Beijing landed financial condition a few days ago furnace. The enterprise of 60 strong list has selected Beijing landed financial condition already Hua Run is buy ground, accrete achieve exhibit, the look forward to of room of large and well-known trademark such as the real estate that protect interest, also there is no lack of capital enough, operation dovish, sincere letter spends the company of estate of a few medium dimensions with taller, good public praise. More important is, the activity got public figure of social all circles, especially our newspaper is faithful enthusiastic recognition of the reader. The reader of tens of thousands of waited for means to give out with polling on correspondence and net the proposal that oneself choose to enterprise of Beijing landed financial condition and opinion, express sufficient to our activity affirmation at the same time, will give long-term support.

   ■ faithful reader incoming letter makes a person touch

Each pieces of vote represents a sincerity, a friendly feelings. Many readers send ballot not only, still bring oneself aspirations along with the letter, true speech makes a person touch. The reporter sends a letter from numerous reader in random and draw-out a few. Among them, the reader king treasure that comes from a steel writes in Jin Zaixin: “ is annual the sufficient affirmation that the enterprise of landed financial condition of extensive development chose an activity to already stood public figure of social all circles, it has very important sense to promoting health of Beijing landed industry to develop. ” he thinks, develop as socioeconomy, call enterprises of more landed financial condition develop to defending Chinese ground property, compete to raising estate company to share the market, increase a business famous it is very important to spend. “ enlists the citizen of this activity as, I hope Beijing landed enterprise has more financial condition sincerely the unit with tall, extensive force builds a sincere letter mansion jointly, health of industry of stimulative Beijing ground develops. ”

There also are a few readers to express on the net, real estate development is swift and violent in last few years, urgent need a correct guiding direction, advocate financial condition to be in it is more important that real estate suffers domestic and international element to affect bigger case to fall this year, the company ability that only capital actual strength and honest credit have both is final stand firm in the market.

A lot of readers are in send ballot while, still write went up oneself blessing, such as wishs our activity (

“ does the speech such as better ” , “ consummation ” more, reflected all circles public figure adequately the support to us and encourage. Many newspaper office colleagues also express, the reader's affirmation and support are the most powerful motive force that we manage activity of good every time with all one's strength.
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