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Latest news: Nanjing government moves to help city

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This afternoon Goodfeel, the net gets focal estate reliable information: Nanjing municipal government published newest “ to help city ” program, it is reported shares 25 measure, among them the high-grade room standard of the hearsay before this rises, loan of housing accumulation fund raises everybody 300 thousand yuan, husband and wife can borrow 600 thousand yuan at most, policy of one price ” abolishs one room of “ etc.

When be informed this message, right focus estate the net is alling alone in Nanjing hotel of golf of hill of phenanthrene spy bell holds —— of new perspective forum " turn or sailing, the estate of Olympic Games times walks along situation height forum after, the honored guest is to this evaluation:

   Huang Anyong () of institute of government of property of university of southeast college professor, southeast, strong point: The market decided 8 to move toward day dragon, what the reason that common people buys decided a building is fervent, this moment just bought the confidence of the building to have a bit stimulation to common people, this stimulation has many deep, what can cause him is actuation, will buy should not talk additionally, my a moment ago the common people development as estate, we should feel common people maturity rose, he also should have a rational analysis to our product, how much is the cost that you throw, your dimensional profit has how old, so below existing state, you have descendent space, the space that can drop, the consideration picture that we dominate the life quality that the environment brings to him to wait a few cost a moment even goes the world, rise integratedly decide to buy, as a result of,be in a lot of place so integrated form a complete set, kind element he does not fall certainly. So certain place is insufficient, you fall not only a bit, fall dissatisfactory still, still must fall to appear possibly again. I think the basis is solved, it is the government comes 8 to tell day dragon, more scientific, the rational view according to 24 files last year, our common saying is told, the market returns the market, safeguard puts in safeguard 's charge, a few righter common in the demand of low income common people, the government should be necessary provide room of a few commodity, satisfy the requirement that they live. The government should be made in policy on should should rational, long-term cannot at the moment. The economy of Chinese estate and even China 17173, what the overmuch interest that is before considers is more, this also was to cause moment of common people some to look not clear, still can take a look even, I consider healthy development, the government has crucial effect, but wanted scientific reason, this is my a bit idea.

   Feng Ke: Director of research center of banking of estate of place of Beijing University economy: I believe a government very much, because card inspect can call us to want to do a rational investor all the time, so I bought a stock to had not been fried, the result is disastrous, it is a government if saying, we should think, I think 4 words are the most important ” of loose fund of “ close ground. Can have the of the respect that help city that covert, may a few become loose, after all the central economy that follows local government adjusts a respect, central meeting has in respect of a few policy become loose. Before a few times we had told forum, establish from before the enthusiasm of state-owned company changes a city to operation, the experience that this is recently more than 10 years, but before us a few mayor, be in 2 years probably when, already from the back the land of a few mayors sells, finance overdraws entirely, consider the so much measure that help city now so, core problem is local finance gives an issue, should save city to want now so how if, perhaps the country can publish a few policy that become loose a little, but not quite apparent, the policy that I feel the most effective, the most significant aspect, it is tax system reform, do not rely on a kind of mode to form local finance. We are in of whole estate market in the center, the government is the biggest shove a hand, I think big again stimulative step is unlikely to appear, can have a few only small, become loose somewhat.
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