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Housing of dweller of peaceful wave town ensures domestic income to maintain met

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Report from our correspondent (Li Jingzhi of Wang Renyang of reporter Lin Wei's reporter's trainee) the reporter was built from city yesterday appoint know, housing of dweller of nice to do town guarantees the job, the income of family of normative town dweller holds the job, the our city came on stage a few days ago and applied town dweller housing ensures domestic income to maintain measure.

According to this method, every hold often stays in the town dweller of census register inside area of this city administration, application cheap hires housing, economy of the safeguard sex housing such as applicable room, its family income must be passed maintain. Domestic income is to show domestic member is in the income inside investigation period and belongings.

Plan those who enter domestic income range include: Salary, pay, accumulation fund, bonus, share of company stock, cooperation of village class economy reachs share out bonus, labor share out bonus, subsidiary, allowance and with hold a post or suffer employ concerned other income; Gold, basic from pension, unemployed insurance living cost reachs gold of of all kinds endowment insurance, relevant allowance; The living allowance gold of the object of give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen that enjoys special treatment about the regulation according to the country; Individual and industrial and commercial door be engaged in production, manage reach paid service income; The individual contracts manage, bear hire manage and earning of subcontract, relet; Aquaculture, catching course of study produces gain; Belongings rents earning; Inheritance earning, donative earning; Deposit accrual and stock, fund reachs earning of negotiable securities share out bonus; Remuneration and copyright, patent transfers income; What affirm via government of prefectural class people is other should plan the income that enter.

Not plan the income that enters domestic income range includes: In applicant family member, although census register is identical, but the nonexistent legal provide for, bring up, personnel income that raises a concern; With labor income from capture worker of primary endowment insurance, town is basic medical treatment of dweller of medical treatment insurance, town is sure to wait for social insurance premium; Allowance of medical treatment of sex of of all kinds policy is expended; The society is contributory and the capital of special help somebody in danger or difficulty that has nothing to do with housing; The one-time stake that government of people of prefectural class above and its branch give, condolatory gold and gold of medical treatment deliverance.

Domestic worth is to point to: The family that applies for to ensure sexual housing has the production that has higher value, means of subsistence, include capital of deposit, stock, fund and treasury and negotiable securities; House property (include house of workshop, storefront) , the belongings such as the car; Produce the fixed assets such as equipment; What affirm via government of prefectural class people is other higher value belongings.
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