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Rebuild " opinion " unscramble: Dweller of disaster area town can live what room

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" about short of Wenshui River plain the directive opinion that housing of dweller of town of seismic disaster area rebuilds " allotted —— policy to unscramble recently: Dweller of disaster area town can live what room

Interview a person: Wang Wei of our newspaper reporter unscrambles a person: Sichuan province builds hall hall to grow Yang Hongbo

How to reside a room

60 square metre are controlled, development business profit margin does not get prep above 3%

Consult economy is applicable the policy of the room, " opinion " the idea that puts forward how to reside a room. Fall in local government dominant namely, administrative transfer land, introduce market pattern to develop construction, give the town that can live without the room the housing of stricken be hit by a natural adversity family with inferior value sells or renting. The sale that how resides a room, price that rent will be in charge of a branch to be in charge of branch, Ministry of finance to the door decides and be announced to the society jointly with estate by price of disaster area government.

Yang Hongbo expresses, the amount of stricken be hit by a natural adversity family that how occupies a room to calculate the basis is built in great quantities, become the ” of “ main product that housing rebuilds, in be being supplied with cost price low income family. And medium above income and good-paying family, choose the housing that basically ensures them with market mechanism and furnish.

How to reside a room control of every floor area is in 40—80 square metre, what control with 60 square metre is medium small family give priority to, every can be bought only or rent. Its property right and appear on the market buying operation, also will consult economy is applicable room policy.

The housing that just argues all the time each rebuilds to whether should introduce development business to also have final conclusion. " opinion " can bid clearly through enrolling wait for means, introduce estate to develop business to develop construction how to reside a room. How to reside room project by what develop business construction, the scale floor that capital gold takes a project to always invest is reduced for 20% . And according to active regulation, this one floor level is 35% , also be the doorsill that the bank gives development business to provide loan. Should adjust will attract development business more active after participating in calamity, rebuild, also reflected the support that finance rebuilds to calamity hind.

After development business participates in calamity, rebuild, contain stronger commonweal quality necessarily. Lowering admittance threshold while, " opinion " the profit margin that how the regulation resides room project not prep above 3% , the of 8% profit margin that project of more applicable than economy room provides is low 5 percent, this pair of business ability that develop business and social sense of responsibility are a kind of test undoubtedly.
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