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Interest rate of loan of Beijing housing accumulation fund is reduced

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Morning paper dispatch (reporter Wang Juan (guest of Wang Juan rich, king beautiful news, wang Juan says) ) since September 16, interest rate of loan of Beijing housing accumulation fund is reduced, the interest rate of 1 accumulation fund loan that reachs 5 years by 4.77% reduce to 4.59% , the 5 interest rate that borrow money to 30 years by 5.22% reduce to 5.13% . A year period already extended accumulation fund loan still implements former interest rate.

The relevant controller of management center of city accumulation fund expresses, the accumulation fund that extends before September 16 borrows money, deadline still implements former interest rate of less than in a year, not section plan ceases; Deadline is in of a year of above, former interest rate still is implemented after September 16, begin from January 1, 2009, implement the interest rate after adjusting. Borrow money to the housing accumulation fund that extends after September 16, will implement the new interest rate after adjusting. Accumulation fund management center sets, to signing loan contract, and loan day borrows money for the housing accumulation fund after September 16, after wanting to sign the requisition that adjusts loan interest rate in borrower, just extend accumulation fund borrows money.

Borrow money like the person that buy a house 300 thousand yuan, loan fixed number of year is 20 years, the interest rate before adjusting 5.22% , want reimbursement every months 2016.6 yuan; The interest rate after adjusting 5.13% , want reimbursement every months 2001.6 yuan, will make loan less every months 15 yuan, come down one year to will save 180 yuan. Tabulation / Chen Xinying

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