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After interest rate is reduced

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From the Central Bank 15 days announce to reduce a RMB to borrow money standard interest rate and in since reserve of deposit of RMB of small finance orgnaization is led, the time of a week went. During this, beijing estate whether to borrow money market to produce transaction change? Data statistic shows major of “ Wei Jia Anjie ” , commercial loan is standard interest rate is reduced one week later, short-term inside vicissitude of the market is not apparent, policy brings more long-term force that are pair of markets.

Computation of all of “ Wei Jia Anjie ” occupies discovery, loan is standard after interest rate is reduced, loan buys room purchasing power to did not appear bigger go up, the acceptance with relatively gentle also borrower this be related is solid. Now, many borrower are right after lowering interest plan collect time the care is more, disclose according to each bank, the borrower that loan agreement signs after from September 16 policy allots can borrow money according to new business standard interest rate is carried out. This also is with come on stage before when imposing interest policy more different place is carried out from below one year by new interest rate since January 1, body reveals the Central Bank policy of active interest rate relatively the one side that human nature changes.

Lower interest this, the principle ” that the Central Bank acts on interest rate of much air of interest rate of “ short term loan, long term loan to be moved less undertakes be adjustmented accordingly. That is to say longer to loan fixed number of year house property lend borrower for, the extent that after loan interest rate is adjusted, drops is not very big. But for the medium and small businesses of financing of loan of short-term to support bank opposite more some more advantageous, also can see the Central Bank encouragement to financing of loan of medium and small businesses from this. After lowering interest, although discovery of statistic of “ Wei Jia Anjie ” is short-term inside period borrow borrower to did not appear bigger market report, but the phone that applies for loan with name of medium and small businesses seeks advice from a quantity to having apparent ascendant tendency however, than rising with the photograph before policy comes on stage 10 % are controlled.

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