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Outstanding achievement falls suddenly to still accept favour

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Yesterday, financial market releases announcement to say, company of as finite as group of Beijing city development liability signed the company recently agreement, buy all latter reviving door project, trade money paid for something purchased or received for something sold is 903 million yuan. When Beijing in August house price head stop now go up, ” of index of boom of “ country house falls to nearly 10 months new when gap of capital of company of low, estate magnifies further, financial market buys the land, its are in Beijing on the west the domain of commercial real estate of 2 annulus again outspread.

The building of financial block region dish all the time very hot, belong to the object that financial orgnaization contends for eagerly. A lot of buildings dish it is have not build or strong go into operation is booked, the F3 item that for instance Guang Dayin buys all right.

Before half month, the half annals of financial market makes investor very sad: Do business first half of the year income 1.124 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 46.10% ; Business profit 165 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 82.54% , net profit 138 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 78.94% ; Every accrual 0.06 yuan. In the meantime, the company predicts in January - net in September gain will drop 50%-90% .

   Outstanding achievement falls suddenly the orgnaization still favors

The financial market that metaphase outstanding achievement falls suddenly, become first is stricken to break down company in adjusting control of epicycle real estate? Orgnaization investor does not think so. Public data shows, fund company and insurance company held financial market to divide before 10 outside controlling a partner a banquet, add up to hold a scale to amount to 13.56% ; Stockjobber still gives financial market to recommend, add held grade. For example: Golden company is opposite in the newest grade of financial market is “ recommends ” , forecast its 08, every accrual of 9 years will achieve 0.37 yuan, 0.44 yuan, corresponding city is filled with rate for 20.3 times, 17.3 times.

   Why the financial market that metaphase outstanding achievement drops, can you still gain orgnaization favour?

Financial market board of directors explains, the reason that metaphase outstanding achievement drops considerably basically has two sides: Because the product of company sale belongs to product of Chan Zongda forehead more,be, between company presence quarter the disequilibrium sex of income and profit, and what the company inside report period already sold house property to develop a project to satisfy income to acknowledge a condition is less; 2 it is to invest sexual estate to use quantity of evenhanded price estimation to bring about go up comparative base adds year of business income after the corresponding period is adjusted, business profit, net gain.
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