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Comment: City of building of become silent period does not need to save violent

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The Jin Jiuyin of “ of traditional sale busy season of building city 10 ” this year hard emersion. According to the report, shanghai building city clinchs a deal this month the quantity is only last year of the corresponding period two into. In the meantime, the Central Bank is newest issuance questionnaire findings shows, the dweller number that 3 months plan to buy a house holds future than for 13.3% , achieve since investigation began 1999 lowermost level.

With differ before, be in this close already in building city deadlock of a year, the rigid demand of estate market is had no extremely infrequently from beginning to end erupt. This one special appearance, let the city after both sides of supply and demand all is opposite go up drop be full of confused, after all trend of price of real estate is not home remedy volition can control. And while the near future develops business to depreciate in consideration p reaper, appeal the sound that helps city is increasing also.

All the time since, still have the stock market with what building city is paid close attention to likewise. Recently, because rely on unilateral of stamp duty of government sector “ to collect,hold a memorial ceremony for goes out while the 3 big profit such as ” are good, the stock market changes the haze that successive shade drops eventually, successive two trade day jumps to leave high for nothing, let broad shareholder see trifling and hopeful dawn. So, does building city also get similar policy “ saves atone for ” whether possibly?

What ought to see is, of building city and stock market or existence essence difference. Former and main the how occupies place that is the people, and latter is the main investment medium of communication that income of sex of belongings of our country common people rises. The fiery prices of building city already continued nearly 10 years, final result is floor price and dweller income deviate from badly. The violent wind of meantime price goes up besides letting a few investor beam with smiles, more be depressed most dweller live oneself demand, controlled the power that growth wants inside whole even. And, cause economy to grow what invest to building city to depend on aggrandizement, formed a kind of vicious circle. So, the reason of house price returns to the people's expectations place that should be average consumer to return, also be development of macroscopical economy health must.

The building town nowadays is small fan, be policy of early days house property actually is gradational show effect, floor price should be planted in this originally change direction somewhat in wait-and-see mood. The statistical data of some website shows, the building that Shanghai already had 44.8% at present dish price goes now to drop. In this one process that returns to reason in real-estate industry, a lot of development business already no longer dare wanton corner land. According to the report, just finished sell one's own things a few days ago in Shanghai this year the 22nd announcement in 6 land, buy and 3 plot shed mark finally because of unmanned contest, additionally 3 also clinch a deal with base price merely. Low confused market demand begins to produce positive effect to losing the estate market of reason. But, the absolute level with respect to eye anteroom price, what no matter be house value income,compare is tall, still be hire redound those who compare is low, show house price still is in apparent abnormal tall state. So, still answer in the light of the adjusting control policy of real-estate industry unremitting, must await ability of fall after a rise of house price occurrence materiality to be adjusted somewhat quite. Accordingly, allude now alleged “ saves building city ” say to be vogue early, change policy of estate adjusting control prematurely, the policy effect before can letting even comes to nothing.
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