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City of office building building shows repeatedly " super- low head pay " financ

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City of office building building shows repeatedly " super- low head pay " financial venture nots allow to ignore

Xinhua net Changchun on September 24 special telegram (reporter Lang Qiugong) city of day of “ beautiful scenery, 20 thousand yuan have his domestic ”“ aureate Ou Cheng, 1 . 60 thousand dynast pays a ” , a period, changchun appears much home “ exceeds low head pay ” the building dish, the expert points out, want vigilant “ to exceed low head pay ” to cause financial venture. Enter since 2008, changchun building city and countrywide building city are same, the potential that the market presents to be begged for be more than apparently, sale pressure is greater and greater, “ is low head pay

” makes the important instrument that develops trade sales promotion, appeared even recently “ head pay 10 thousand yuan of ” to exceed low a Fu Lou dish.

" Changchun estate signs up for " Ma Junling analysis says chief editor assistant, “ exceeds low head paying ” is an edge ball that development business hits, the skimpy share that through be pay for sb and expect to be repaid later of the person that buy a house bank head pays, development business obtained bank loan, if the market is good, OK still come out through carrying valence to increase fund of this part pay for sb and expect to be repaid later. But, this kind of “ exceeds low a person that pays ” to may make one batch buys a house without ability buy a house ahead of schedule, prospective follow-up can take pain to quite for the room.

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