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"The agitation that return a house " come stealthily each local government will

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“ retreats room ” agitation to be in on one hand wisdom of test local government, also gave a government very big lesson on the other hand: Only truly detached at market interest principal part besides, him exercise of ground of ability one is assured and bold with justice authoritative.

First-order recently paragraph, when each district “ retreats room ” agitation, hear somewhat, shanghai also hard escape by sheer luck. Though “ cheapens,” cannot make the argument that return a house, but rare “ retreats room ” successful precedent to still let a successor see a gleam of hope, allegedly already many people are in now brew “ group retreating ” .

The person that return a house has each basis each. In light of the case that takes “ group to retreat ” to succeed, because open to booking the article that there is “ to retreat room ” without reason on the contract,be, want to give penalty due to breach of contract only so, be retreated. For the person that return a house to great majority like that, can serve as those who return a house is excellent the basis is not much. Nevertheless, the present person that return a house returns a house, not be dispute wait for a problem at the quality of the building, environment, the real intent of the person that return a house is: House price fell now, want possibly perhaps to drop immediately, investment faces a loss, want to return a house so.

To this problem, if you go be being begged randomly,ask Yu Lu the person, can say the person of 90% won't support the person that return a house. ” of “ contracted spirit must be abided by, otherwise the market not answer it is the market into its. If market room price is rising, can be the person that do those return a house still retreated? Market economy, the consequence that no matter supply and demand is bilateral,should decide for oneself is responsible. “ does not have custom, do not become circumference ” , cannot be overthrown at will and market rule abolishs. Accordingly, to the extreme behavior of some not sensible person that return a house, if disturb development business to be managed normally, and even throw an egg to them, break the office to wait, governmental behoove appears personally, maintain normal social order and market order.

However, the question is not as simple as this. Let us have a look at the house property market of at present above all.

Above sea is exemple, at present till, those who develop business depreciating is with “ in a limited time depreciate the name of ” of ” , “ holiday sales promotion coverts depreciate, the true publicity that has range a bit depreciates still is scarcer. But, namely such depreciating that drew “ to retreat room ” instantly. The owner that we do not think these “ retreat room round ” is reasonable, but the occurrence that “ retreats room round ” , it is a kind of enlightenment of pair of person that the person that buy a house perhaps says to buy a house potentially: Current house price did not fall enough, still have descendent space. Look from demand one party, did not come ten years, the city is changed rate is annual still can increase a percent probably, to Shanghai this China is the biggest for the city, building demand is rigid growth absolutely, but the person that buy a house maintains current condition to be able to make house price drops, and of short duration does not move to buy.
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