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Raised city of building of inland of a grade to be in " translucent " condition

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Travel of intermediate quantity couplet is newest ” of issuance index of diaphaneity of market of estate of “ whole world shows, at present Chinese estate market is translucent condition, than the “ of chinese mainland market is low 2006 diaphaneity ” condition, improved a grade.

Investigation shows, in each market of big China area, hong Kong is one of markets with top diaphaneity, taiwan is in translucence over interval, and Macao ranks low transparent level, be in city of mainland a gleam of under, mainland of summary prep above 23 lines city.

Diaphaneity of Chinese estate market gets the main drive element that promotes considerably has 4 sides: Above all, globalization is the main factor that estate market diaphaneity promotes. Increase of sth used to one's own advantage of chinese mainland area and industry measure increasingly, drove estate market to be opposite accurate market information and the demand that accept international example; The 2nd, estate investment trades the quantity is increased increasingly, those who drive estate market is open degree; Thirdly, as the grow in quantity that development business appears on the market, these enterprises report through year the information content of exposure also increases subsequently; In addition, the government also pays attention to public information to release more.

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