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Room city experience is unprecedented shock Nanjing

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Room city experience is unprecedented " of diving of shock Nanjing " or " push-up "

World luxuriant house price 12 hours of brief diving, 10 thousand divisions depreciate open quotation of big low of indulgence, constant. The Nanjing September, estate market is experiencing unprecedented shock.

Just entered in September, the building of world Maobin river of Nanjing city north dish house price “ dives the tide seeing a room that the message of 6000 ” causes a citizen, but this “ stunt ” that is land agent: Be not worth source of 20 special offer room is not floor too tall or too low, it is a building front, set model have drawback. What make a person accident more is, the thing is lain between 12

Hour, development business announces to renew cost price again again, performed a ” of “ good fun that price raises after depreciating first.

In the sale spot of Jiang Ningheng big oasis, the setting resurgence that long-unseen person wave touchs. According to reporter observation, selling office client is controlled in 40 people, the salesperson is in the busy condition of full attendence. In the river on the west, region of gold of 10 thousand divisions oranges red young lady of building of sweet carry out says, this “ project 70 make the same score rice door model rolled out relatively substantially privilege, present total prices is in probably 60—65 10 thousand yuan, cheaper than before 20 much, and of other area door model the value did not change. The get effect instantly of effect it may be said that ” depreciates, sold many 60 on September 6 afternoon only, there are many nonlocal clients that come from saddle hill, Yangzhou even in the client that buys a house.

“ house price won't plunge, the advertisement sign that just making push-up ” still is by the side of ear echo, but enter “ Jin Jiuyin the traditional busy season of 10 ” , 3 big land agent however at the same time exert “ depreciates ” action. This is telling us probably, nanjing house price is true “ diving ” .

From on the whole, price of house of the region in Nanjing city manages smooth situation basically, river on the west, the building of Jiang Ning and river north area dish the privilege that has different rate. According to reporter understanding, except 3 afore-mentioned land agent, in the center of live abroad of Xi Yuan of Nanjing horizontal pond, be in harmony garden, inferior east international apartment, inferior the building such as Dou Tianyuan house dish also borrowing the Mid-autumn Festival to be done depreciate sales promotion.

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