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Report of company division courtyard thinks: Sew of of Wan of barren of confus

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Report of company division courtyard thinks:

The ministry goes to economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences beautiful investigation group released a report to think a few days ago, cannot excessive depend on real estate to pull move economic growth. The sort of height depended on real estate to pull in the past use the economic growth, method that regards local government as one of main income source gold of land sell one's own things especially, may screwy local government is in economic developing action, screwy economy grows pull use an ingredient, increase element cost prematurely, reduce integral competition ability of economy, cause social contradiction even.

The investigation group went to the United States to research issue of sub loan crisis June. The report puts forward, the United States second the enlightenment that borrows the crisis to give our country is, the development mode of market of our country estate needs to think over, in the meantime, the government needs to clarify in the position in the market and action. Consider the different honor of borrower, answer to depart low income estate to the building to rent the market and cheap to hire the market.

Estate banking system needs to redesign, bubble of price of house of keep within limits should be united in wedlock with photograph of control bank risk. To reduce estate market wave motion is opposite the negative effect of the commercial bank, mix in mode of change estate financing strengthen innovation while, need to pay attention to strengthen commercial bank built-in control, take strict precautions against loan quality to drop to be transferred with the risk of estate market. For this, should encourage estate to develop an enterprise to undertake direct financing through stock, bond in capital market; Reform the organization of housing accumulation fund of each district and administrative system, the bank of residential mortgage loan that establishs governmental support as soon as possible and negotiable securities of residential mortgage loan change an orgnaization already extremely urgent.

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